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Jumadul Ula 1439 commenced in South Africa after Maghrib on 18 January 2018. Click here for calendar

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Fri, 16 February 2018. Malabar Eidgah

In the event of a sighting, individuals are required to give Shahada before an Imam associated to one of the United Ulama Council of South Africa's members

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Feb 20, 2018

An Islamic Perspective

14th February is popularly known as ‘Valentine’s Day‘. Adolescent girls and boys express their love for each other by exchanging flowers and gifts as a token of love on this day.

Most of the times, these adolescents indulge in immoral acts under the pretext of ‘Valentine’s Day’. Does real love require this superficial display and can it be confined to just one day? ‘Valentine’s Day’ is responsible for the propagation of western culture and incitement of youth towards unrestrained behaviour. The malls have been painted red. Roadside stalls have blossomed overnight bearing roses, and fluffy teddy bears that whisper soothing poetry to passers-by. “Come on buy me, I need a special home and I cost a fortune.” This is Valentines days!

Many schools, universities and clubs prepare elaborate functions and parties. Many will argue that Valentine’s Day is a day of joy and harmless fun. But is it really?

From an Islamic point of view Valentine’s day is wrong for the following reasons :

1. It invites people to the relentless pursuit of sexual freedom

In Islam, all forms of intimacy and passion are confined to the relationship of marriage. Anything beyond this is not acceptable. The culture of promoting the satisfaction of desires and passions in an uncontrolled manner is unhealthy.

Islam recognizes that we are human and can succumb to human weakness, so it has provided strict safeguards for our own sake. The Quran mentions clearly : “Do not come near to adultery. It is a great sin and an evil way.” (Surah Israa, Verse 32)

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Location: Port Elizabeth
Date: Sun, 19 November 2017
Sunset: 19:03
Moonset: 19:53
Viewing Time: 19:03 to 19:53
Viewing point: next to Malabar Eidgah

Report sightings:
078 672 7797
‪060 967 3487‬

Issued by:
CUEC Hilaal Committee
affiliated to UUCSA National Hilaal Committee

Council of Ulama Eastern Cape


Q: Re: Qurbani. Person A, asked person B to arrange for his Qurbani in India. Person B forgot, so now he needs to pay the value of the animal in Sadaqah. What amount needs to be paid? The value of a Qurbani animal in India (which is much cheaper) or the value of a Qurbani animal locally where they stay?

According to our understanding, the value of a Qurbani animal where the Sadaqah is being discharged will be considered.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: A mutawalli was asking regarding items made Waqf specifically for the Masjid:
1.  Do the mutawallis have the authority to borrow it out to other people? Eg extra chairs / carpets etc.
2.  Can they give old Quraans to other organizations? The Qurans were given and stamped specifically for their Masjid.

These items may be given or lent to another masjid and not to individuals or organizations. These cannot be loaned or used by individuals out of a masjid unless it was given to the masjid to use as they wish.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: Is there a hadith about having an event 40 days a person has passed away? I have read many things saying that it is not allowed. It's something that my family has always practiced.

We have not come across any Hadith in this regards. Further, there is no such teaching in the Shariah regarding such a ceremony or event or practice.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: I do keep fast on the 13,14,15 of every Islamic month. I would like to know in the month of Zul Hijjah how do I keep the next 3 fasts? Do I keep from 14,15 and 16?

You may keep these fasts on the 14, 15th and 16th of the month.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: Is it okay to take out transaction fees from zakat/lillah, while sending money through financial institutes?

Kindly explain the exact details of this. What is the exact procedure.

Zakaat monies cannot be used for the transaction fees.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Upcoming Events
Port Elizabeth


23: Moulana Sulaiman Ravat. TBC
23: Youth Workshop. Girls 11+ with Muallima Abeeda Peer. Masjid Taqwa Madressa. 6-8.30pm
24: Hajj Awareness. Khidmatul Awwam workshop. Madressa Mansoor 9am. Separate male and female facilities

Made in Heaven. Marriage Workshop with Muallima Abeeda Peer. Movement Hall. Free. Sisters only
24: 10am-4pm
25: 10am-1pm

National Sahaba Jalsa: Moulana Dawood Seedat of Pietermaritzburg

9: Ladies Program. Madressa Banaatil Islam, Driedoring St. 10 am
9: Juma at Masjid Ibaadur Rahmaan, Uitenhage
9: Masjid Saaliheen, Salt Lake after Maghrib
10: Students Program at Darul Uloom Abu Bakr 10.30 am
10: Masjid Mansoor after Maghrib
11: Masjid Zikrullah, Motherwell 10 am

1: 15 Shabaan. Dependent on sighting of moon
16: Moonsighting Event. Malabar Eidgah
17: First Ramadaan. Dependent on sighting of moon

14: Moonsighting Event. Malabar Eidgah
15: Eidul Fitr. Dependent on sighting of moon

22: Eidul Adha. Dependent on sighting of moon

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Zakat Nisab R4205.20
Mahr Fatimi R10513.00
Minimum Mahr R210.26
Gold Prices:
24 Carat/gram R511.86
22 Carat/gram R470.13
18 Carat/gram R384.57
14 Carat/gram R299.41
9 Carat/gram R193.74

As of 12 February 2018

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