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Sep 26, 2017

Q: A person vomitted less than a mouthful unintentionally and thereafter swallowed it intentionally. What's the condition of his fast?

The fast will not break as long as it was less than a mouthful.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: Is it permissible to store or feed a pig?

The entire pig (not only the meat) is Najis and  impure. A pig should be totally abhorred and one should therefore stay away from pigs in totality and avoid being in close proximity to them. 

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: Is Qada necessary if a person ejaculates without manual stimulation because of viewing explicit material while fasting?

Whilst fasting, just as it is impermissible to indulge in sexual activities similarly it is impermissible to fantasize about sexual activities. As far as looking at pornography is concerned it is totally prohibited irrespective of whether one is fasting or not. Committing these major sins in the state of fasting destroys the reward of the fast completely.

However, if a person ejaculates due to fantasizing or looking at pornography without anything touching or rubbing his private part the fast will not break.

If one masturbates by touching or rubbing his private part on something whilst fasting the fast will be nullified. Only Qadha will be Wajib.

(Durrul Mukhtar 2:396, Al Fatawa Al Hindiyyah 1:204, Maraaqil Falaah pg 658)


Q: If a person vomits and then brushes his or her teeth and used mouth wash while fasting and than thinks that the fast is broken, but doesn't eat for the rest of the fast, is the fast valid?

If nothing was taken down the throat the fast will be valid.

If the person who has already commenced fasting merely intends to break his fast without physically doing so then the Fast will be valid and the intention void. (Shaami Vol.2 Pg.380)

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: Fake leather i.e. polyurethane is made with a process with alcohol which can be from grapes and is impure. As such will the item as a result be impure? For example many items are of polyurethane like phone cases till complete couches.

According to the cursory research on this, this material undergoes many processes especially a heating process at the end which will remove the impurity of the alcohol.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: My husband sent me a divorce deed from Pakistan in which it said he is promouncung triple divorce and then in three separate lines it was written that he divorces me. We had never been able to consummate the marriage as he has erectile dysfunction. If we want to reconcile can we do it with a new nikkah? In Pakistani constitution triple talaq has been abolished and we can live again together if he revokes the divorce within Iddah, is that allowed? Should I be following the law in Pakistan as it has been approved by the Islamic council and shariah court in Pakistan and is a part of constitution?

When the husband has issued three Talaqs even though these are issued at once then all three Talaqs has taken place and are effective. There is no way the two of you can reconcile. Neither can he revoke the Talaq nor can both of make a new Nikaah to each other now prior to Shar'i Halaalah taking place.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: Many organizations fundraise on the basis that they can accept zakat to fund their organization based on the stipulation of fi sabil lillah. If a person has given their zakat based on this to such organizations and after years found out that it was wrong, do they have to redistribute their zakat?

Yes, the Zakaat is not discharged and needs to be given out correctly. Generally organisations are representatives of those giving Zakaat and one's Zakaat is not discharged if the Zakaat is not discharged correctly by the organization. Hence, one needs to see the credentials and reliability of the organization when giving out one's Zakaat and more importantly ensure that the are guided and overseen by reliable Ulama that one has confidence in.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

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