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Apr 30, 2017

Q: With the current water crisis, some areas do not have water for prolonged periods of time - are we allowed to make Tayammum?

A: If water is NOT available within a radius of 1, 6 kilometres – then it will be permissible to make Tayammum.

The method of Tayammum is follows:

1)      Make the intention of Tayammum:"O Allah, 1 am making Tayammum in order to purify myself."

2)      Strike both hands on clean earth or dust. Then dust the hands and blow off the excess dust, thereafter rub both the hands over the entire face (as done in Wudhu).

3)      Strike both hands on the ground, blow off the excess dust and rub the left hand over the complete right hand, including the elbow. Do the same for the other hand.

(The areas under rings, bangles, bracelets, etc. should be thoroughly rubbed.)

The Tayammum will expire once one finds water. [Bahisti Zewar Page 88 to 90]


Q: A husband sent his wife a message via WhatsApp stating: “I am divorcing you”.  Is the divorce valid and applicable?

A: It is not necessary for a husband to verbally utter divorce.  Talaaq issued via a WhatsApp message will be valid and applicable.  The Talaaq becomes applicable as soon as the husband types the message, and iddah(the waiting period) will start immediately.

You have to be certain that the message come from the husband

Notwithstanding the above, it is sad that the husband has chosen such a reckless way to terminate the marriage.  Marriage is undoubtedly among the greatest bounties of Allah.  Terminating a marriage is considered to be ‘the most reprehensible,  of all permissible things’.  If a marriage has reached breakage point, it should be ended amicably, observing etiquette and decorum.


Q: Is a Musafir (traveller) absolved of having to perform the Sunnan Salaah?

A: It is narrated by Ummi Habiba Radiyallahu Anha that Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said: "Whoever reads 12 Rakaats Sunnan every day, a house will be built for that person in Jannah."  [Nasa’i] One should therefore, not unduly missing the Sunnan Salaah.

If a Musafir is on the move or fear that his companions may leave him behind, then he may suffice with the Fardh Salaah. On the other hand, if he is stationed at one place or has time at hand, it is best that he read the Sunnah Salaah, especially the Sunnah Muakkadah (emphasised Sunnah).


Q: Is it permissible for women to wear imitation jewellery?

A: Women are not allowed to wear imitation rings. They are only allowed to wear gold or silver rings. However, besides rings, other types of imitation jewellery (such as bangles, necklaces, etc.) are permissible. [Aurat Ke Lie Banau Singaar Ke Shar’I Ahkaam pg: 39 & 40]


Q: How should Masah of the head be made?

A: The Fuqaha have mentioned two methods of making Masah of the head:

1)            Both hands should be passed over the entire head, commencing from the front of the head and terminating at the back of the head. [Shami V1/121; Bahr V1/P26; FathulQadeerV1/P17;FataawaHindiyaV1/P7].

2)            Masah will start by placing three fingers of each hand i.e. the three fingers from the little finger – at the front of the head beginning by the hairline. The thumbs and the forefingers, together with the palms, will be held separated from the head.The six fingers will be drawn towards the back in a straight line over the head until the neck is reached.  Thereafter the palms will be drawn forward along the two sides of the head to the front of the head. Remember, in drawing the palms forward, the six fingers (previously used) should not touch the head. The Masah of the head will now be complete. (The thumb and forefinger of each hand that were kept separated will now be used to make Masah of the ears.) Majma’ul Anhar V1/P28.

This second method is the one that is generally practiced upon.


Q: What finger should be used to the clean the nose when making Wudhu?

A: The little finger of the left hand should be used to clean the nose. [Umdatul Fiqh V1/P115]


Q: What should the posture of lady be in Sajdah?

A: A lady will place her head between her hands with her forehead and nose on the ground;  and fingers (including the thumb) kept close together, facing the Qibla.

Her elbows should be placed on the ground and she should keep her thighs close to her stomach.

Both feet will be placed on the ground facing the right with the toes facing Qibla. (The feet should not be kept upright.)

Imam Al-Bayhaqi -458 AH- has mentioned a principle which is the basis of the difference found in the Salaah of males and females:

“The separating factor between the laws of Salaah of males and females is that of - concealment. A lady is commanded to do all those actions which are more concealing for her.” [Sunnan Kubra Vol 2 Page 222]

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