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Feb 20, 2018

Q: I had a question regarding permissibility in medicine under Hanafi Fiqh.

I am currently speaking to a sister about marriage and we have entered a point in our conversation where we are discussing our medical histories. I told her that I was born with cryptorchidism and had it treated when I was 6.5 years old. However, I am subject to a higher risk of infertility.

While the sister does not see it as an issue, I went to a urologist who said that the only way to check fertility is through a semen analysis.

Would it be permissible to conduct a semen analysis for the purposes of checking fertility in a risky case, such as in my situation? Would this subject me to any 'curse', similar to the one who touches himself for pleasure? Would this take away from the baraka in the marriage process? Would ihsan be to leave it unchecked & trust in Allah or would ihsan be to conduct the semen analysis to protect a sister from the risk of marrying a potentially infertile man?

In plain terms, I will be required to masturbate into a cup so that the urologist can check my semen for fertility.

If this is the only method to determine treatment and there is no alternative then it will be permissible to do this. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah, Vol 27, page 333/334)

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: A man told his wife: "If you speak to him again, we are done." He did intend Talaaq (divorce). But thereafter he found out from an Aalim who told him that a Kinaayah conditional Talaaq can be revoked and cancelled. So now she spoke to that man again. Does Talaaq take place and if yes, what type of Talaaq?

A: In our understanding, once a condition has been made then it cannot be revoked, therefore when she does speak to this man then one Talaaq will take place. Since the Talaaq was issued via Kinaayah words it appears to be a Talaaq-e-Baain.

If this is the first or second Talaaq that has been issued then the couple may reconcile by performing a new Nikah (marriage).


Q. Explain the difference between Fardh, Sunnah and Nafl I’tikaaf.
A. There is no such thing as Fardh I’tikaaf. If a person takes an oath to perform I’tikaaf, then it becomes Waajib. The I’tikaaf of the last ten days of Ramadan is Sunnah and performing I’tikaaf whenever one wishes to is Nafl.

Q. Do the rulings of Sunnah mu’akkadah I’tikaaf also apply to one performing Mustahab (Nafl) I’tikaaf?
A. The rulings of Sunnah mu’akkadah do apply in Nafl I’tikaaf. However, in a Nafl I’tikaaf fasting is not a prerequisite. As for Sunnah mu’aakadah I’tikaaf, it only takes place during the last ten days of Ramadhan and fasting is a prerequisite. Secondly, in Nafl I’tikaaf, if one leaves the masjid without a valid reason his I’tikaaf period will automatically end and it won’t break. However, the Sunnah I’tikaaf will break.

Q. If a mu’takif mistakenly leaves the masjid what will the ruling be?
A. His I’tikaaf will be nullified.

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Roshan Street, Linton Grange
Date: 22/12/2016

Meat: Imperial
Poultry: Imran Bham (SANHA-approved)


Q: Can one slaughter a 6 month old sheep for Qurbani?

Yes, if it resembles a one year old in size.

Mufti Aadiel Moosagie


Q: A lady who has her authentic Sayyid tree (descendants of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), had accepted Zakaat and long used it already. At the time she was not aware that she could not accept Zakaat. How does she make amends?

It is safest that she give out whatever she received as Zakaat in charity to the poor and needy Zakaat recipients.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Darul Ihsaan

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