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May 23, 2017

Q. My sister felt that she is affected with blackmagic so she went to a person who deals with such matters. I had accompanied her but to our surprise, this amil (person who removes magic) insisted that he needs to see my sister alone. We did not feel comfortable so we left. Did we do the right thing?

A. You had acted correctly by leaving the premises of the fraudulent Amil. It is not permissible for him to be in seclusion with your sister. The fact that he requested to be alone with your sister is a strong indication that he is an imposter and has ulterior motives. How can he draw Allah’s assistance in his treatment whereas he is violating the laws of Allah at the same time? Your sister should make it a habit of reciting the last three Surahs thrice each every morning and evening as well as Ayatul Kursi after every Salaah.

On this note, The Jamiatul Ulama advises the public to apply caution with regards to seeking treatment from Amils (people who deal in removing the effects of jinn and witchcraft). Whilst there are Amils who are genuine and sincerely adhere to the lawsb of Shari’ah, there are many who are out there to take advantage of people, either by soliciting funds or sexually abusing vulnerable females. There have been numerous reports received at the Jamiat regarding the unbecoming behaviour of some Amils; especially with females. The best and safest is to adhere to reciting the verses of the Qur’an and Duas mentioned in the Hadith for protection against witchcraft and evil. If there is a need to go to an Amil for treatment, females should ensure that they are always accompanied by their husband or Mahram male relative. Under no circumstance should a female allow an Amil to beguile her into being alone with him.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Suhail Tarmahomed

Fatwa Department
Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)


Q: A Muslim brother is asking what to do if in a meeting with non Muslims and they start it by a prayer they all stand up to pray, what should a Muslim do?

A: If there is a genuine need to be present in the meeting the Muslim person present should remain silent without participating in the prayer.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best
Darul Ihsan


Q. I have qadaah fasts. Am I allowed to keep the Muharram fast or do I need to complete my outstanding fasts first?

A. It is better for you to do the qadha fasts. You may do the qadha fast with the Muharram Aashura fasts. According to some Ulama you will receive the thawaab for both.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best
Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)


Q: Girl gave birth. Exactly a month after that she decided to get married. Is it permissible for her to get married while she is in the state of nifaas (post birth bleeding)? And if so can they consumate the marriage?

A: Yes it is permissible to get married in  nifaas however it is not permissible to consumate the marriage in nifaas.

Aadiel Moosagie (Mufti)
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage Eid ul Adha 1436 venues and times: Click here


Q: A student gets paid next week. She is now  in possession of money to the value of zakaat nisaab on the day of eid.  She still has to pay expenses for the month (rent, food, etc). Does qurbaani become waajib on her?

A: If person becomes an owner of Nisab during any of the three days of Qurbani i.e. 10-12th Zul Hiijah Qurbani will become Wajib. If the person is unable to afford the Qurbani despite having the Nisab due to future expenses which will become due, the person may look at sending money overseas or to a foreign country where the Qurbani is cheaper.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: One person did Umrah in Dhul qa'dah, then went Madinah, stayed there for a few days and then wore ihraam from Dhul hulayfah (as he was returning to Makkah).
When he wore his ihraam he intended it for Hajj. But as he arrived in Makkah, before he started the tawaf he changed his intention to Umrah, so now he did umrah and came out of his ihraam. He will wear ihraam again for hajj tonight. Is there a penalty on him?

A: According to the Hanafis any person staying outside the meeqat and intending to travel to Makkah must wear the Ihram and then pass the meeqat be the travel for Umrah, Hajj, business or anything else.

Hence, it was not correct for the Tour operator to enter Makkah without Ihram and Damm is wajib upon him for this. However, if he returns to the Meeqaat like Johfa, or Dhul Hulaifah and wears Ihraam and enters then the Damm will fall off. If he merely dons the Ihraam from Makkah and performs the Haj, he has to give Damm.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Upcoming Events
Port Elizabeth


11: 15th Shabaan

Moulana Bilal Moola of Johannesburg:
11: 15 Shaban Talk. Masjid Mansoor after Esha (7.15 jamaat). Ladies at Madressa
12: Juma at Masjid Ibaadur Rahmaan, Uitenhage

19: Qiraat Jalsa and Huffaz Ramadaan Prep. Darul Uloom after Esha. Refreshments

21: Fiqh of Ramadan. Rules of Fasting, Taraweeh, Itikaf. Mahad Al Suffah, Bell Rd. 9.30 am - 12.30 pm. Ladies facilities.

22: Syria Feedback with Moulana Moosa Leher. Masjid Mansoor after Esha (7.15 pm Jamaat) . Ladies at Madressa

26: Ramadan Starts. First Taraweeh. Subject to sighting of moon

15: Itikaf Starts. Subject to sighting of moon

26: Eidul Fitr. Subject to sighting of moon

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