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Dec 18, 2017

It is a spill that has rocked the Obama Administration. Others have dubbed it Obama’s Katrina in reference to the hurricane that devastated New Orleans attracting a fumbled response from the federal authorities in the US in 2005.

Analysts believe that Obama’s handling of the oil spill disaster, yet-to-be-contained, 3 months after it occurred, threatens his political survival. The on-going spill into the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, its consequences and how the administration handles this mess, will determine, if this president will be re-elected to a second term or not.

How much room is there to manoeuvre for the man in the Oval Office?
Company law allows for the establishment of limited liability entities whose shareholders’ responsibility is limited to the firm’s capitalisation in the form of equity value. The motivation in history was to allow for business to take risks in investment ventures.

This allowance for taking risks has resulted in untold misery around the world where corporations plunder on resources without much regard for the impact in has on sensitive ecological areas. Others have indicated that the mess that is created in the Niger Delta region is much more that what is pouring out into the Gulf of Mexico.

The arrogance and callous attitudes of corporations make the indifferent as the consequences of such disasters do not affect them personally.
Last month, BP’s chief Executive Tony Hayward was quoted by The Guardian saying: "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume."

Since then, a number of measures taken to contain the spill have dismally failed. We are told that a relief well meant to contain the spill will only be operational in August! Yet, every week, the amount of oil estimated to be draining into the deep sea and threatening the livelihood of the people who depend on the ecosystems around it, is being revised upwards.

In the meanwhile, we hear of the status of the oil giant BP as ‘unprosecutable’. Why should corporate executives who make profit-maximising for themselves and yet risky for the rest of us be above reproach?
It has been hinted by Digital Journal that if BP had simply adhered to the most elementary operational safety standards, then the Gulf would not be a "dead zone" like it is today.

This is time to revisit legal instruments which allow corporations a free hand to mess to be accountable for the misery they cause globally.

The other side of it is the insatiable demand for unsustainable energy resources. Man has to learn to live within modest means. The survival of the planet depends a change in lifestyle.


Giving effect to one of its founding objectives of being transparent, SANHA once again hosted it’s Annual General Meeting open to the public on Saturday, 5th June 2010 at the Hartley Road School in Durban.

Much to the delight of its supporters, SANHA officials took to the podium one by one and stood in the spotlight under the full glare of public scrutiny and delivered their reports.

In a feat rarely emulated by other organizations and certifying bodies, SANHA once again presented its report and disclosed its audited financials to the public which were included in the handouts.

Some salient features from the report were:-

5230 inspections were conducted during the year
1140 plants are now certified by SANHA
230 Muslim employees directly and indirectly
46 Abattoirs now approved
R8.5 million expenses were not matched by R8.1 million income.
Workshops were held for Jamiyyathul Ulama, Sri Lanka, American Halaal Advocates and Malawi Halaal Department amongst others.
34 826 queries received in the year.

Professor Syed Salman Nadvi was singled out for a special Community Appreciation Award for his monumental contribution, community activities, encouragement and support of Islamic organizations.

The key note address was delivered by the eminent Moulana Ebrahim Bham, Secretary General of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa. The focal points were expressing support and joy for progress of others, co-operation with all in the furtherance of Deen and cultivating steadfastness against intolerance.

SANHA appreciates the support it receives from the community and pledges to continue upholding the tradition of transparency and openness, Insha Allah. (God Willing)


The Council of Ulama Eastern Cape is a Member of SANHA


Israel, as was expected, has yet again chosen to ignore the calls for a ‘credible investigation’ into the massacre of civilian activists on humanitarian aid mission aboard a flotilla to Gaza. The suspect-in-chief will investigate herself!

For those who know the Israeli attitude towards world public opinion and her recording of breaking United Nations resolutions, it is not surprising that Israel has taken this route which according to reports, will not even take to task the naval commandos who killed 9 people aboard the Mavi Marmara, shot mostly at close range in international waters.

Israeli forces often investigate themselves for murder of Palestinians and excesses committed whether in battle or against detainees rounded up for their acts of resistance to the occupation.

With a fair degree of confidence, we can even predict the phrases that will make the final report of the current inquiry.

Routinely, these sham commissions of inquiries absolve the Israeli forces. From one probe to another, Israeli forces are found to be the most benign the world over, ‘acting with restraint to provocation’ and killing ‘only in self-defence’ at the hands of stone-throwing children.

As it stands and from an Israeli point-of-view, the narrative of the events that led to the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara is one of Israeli commandos who acted in self-defence to a hostile reception from armed activists who boarded the ship elsewhere after the vessels set sail. According to Israeli authorities, these activists, just like the IHH, the lead organisation in the mission, are actually linked to Hamas, hence terrorists.

The Turkish government will be found guilty for the tacit approval of the flotilla mission and the world will be told that ‘Israel has a right to defend herself’ against the ‘hostile entity’ that is Gaza.

We will be schooled that Israel allows for humanitarian aid to Gaza and does her ‘utmost’ to benevolently minimise the suffering of women and children in Gaza hence no need for breaking the blockade of the territory.

Jason Ditz, writes today: “Whichever story Israel decided to present in its final probe, … the US State Department has promised to be ready with a rubber stamp for it, insisting that the US will “stand by” the Israeli probe as “credible” and “impartial.“”

The difference this time, nevertheless, is that the rest of the world now knows better than before about the true nature of Apartheid Israel.

World powers and governments will keep dragging their feet despite the moral imperative to liberate Palestine. However, people of goodwill and those inclined towards justice are more determined than ever before that they will not be blinded by the smokescreen of an inquiry that Israel has cobbled up.

Israel can arrogantly keep daring the world with impunity as she has. However, military might alone, will not keep even the most of ordinary people from challenging her ways. As it stands, Israel has increased the tally of those who now question their home nation’s unflinching support for her. Elsewhere, bigger flotillas to Gaza are in the making…

How much longer will Israel keep putting out fires set to flare up with increased frequency? Sooner than later, it will dawn on the Zionists that the only sustainable way to peace is through justice by ending the occupation.

Islam places a very high degree of emphasis on Hygiene and CEO Abdur Razak Moosa is a proud exponent of this.

With huge commitment towards highest standards, the company which manufactures well known brands such as Sunfoil Pure Sunflower Oil and Sunshine D Margarine, has successfully secured its Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Food Safety Management System. This assures its customers of the high quality of production and manufacturing within its Pietermaritzburg- based manufacturing facility.

The company is the only edible oil manufacturer in South Africa to have acquired the British equivalent BRC (British Retail Consortium) food safety standard, essential for securing contracts with companies that supply food products to the major British Supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer’s, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc.

SANHA is proud of its certification of Willowton Oils and offers it congratulations on behalf of all the readers to this worthy achievement.

Contact details

Tel: +27 33 355 7800 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +27 33 355 7800 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Following requests from Muslims locally and internationally, some members of the Diplomatic Corp and Government, SANHA has played ball to ensure availability of Halaal food at the first ever World Cup on the African Continent.

SANHA has worked closely with the organizers in advising, guiding evaluating and auditing the implementation of a Halaal program that has secured a Halaal outlet in every stadium around the country.

Look for the SANHA mark of Halaal Assurance at outlets at the following stadia.

Free State
PC 8
Cape Town
Green Point
PC 12
Moses Mabhida
PC 12
Ellis Park
PC 15
Soccer City
PC 15
Soccer City
PC 45
L 61
Peter Mokaba
PC 10
Port Elizabeth
Nelson Mandela Bay
PC 13
Loftus Versfeld
PC 2
Royal Bafokeng
PC 6

For a full list of SANHA certified Halaal outlets in the country go to

HALAAL HELPLINE 0861 786 111 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0861 786 111 end_of_the_skype_highlighting



The publication of blasphemous cartoon that appeared in the 21 May edition of Mail & Guardian is the latest leg in the labyrinth of Muslim provocation that is littered with stereotyping snares and trapdoors.

Unfortunately for the cynics, Muslims have large and by seen through it and have not fallen for the bait. For now, it doesn’t make good script for the detractors who would have loved reading headlines of ‘fundamentalist Muslim violence in the streets of Johannesburg.’ However, people of goodwill, non-Muslims included, have noted and lauded the restraint and responsible reaction on the part of Muslims to the open provocation.

Muslims have been deeply hurt and feel offended. Their beloved Prophet Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam has once more been mocked. A depiction of a prophet as someone who has lost his mind, seeking psychiatric help and attributing words to him which he never said, is unacceptable.

The protest to such an insult does not apply to Muhammad only but the whole spectrum of the Messengers of Allah such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus, just to mention a few.

Jonathan Shapiro, an outspoken friend to Muslim activists especially on the Palestinian question, is not above reproach. He stands for Palestinians due to his sense of fair judgment. However, where is his fair judgment when he under the guise, of freedom of expression chooses to draw a cartoon that he clearly knows from that start that it will offend a section of the community?

The wrath that Holocaust-deniers face in Europe is an indication that freedom of expression is not absolute and should not be used as an excuse for open provocation. In a country such as ours where a myriad of social challenges exist, fault lines based of faith are not needed.

As Muslims, we do not consider the status and dignity of the Noble Prophet of Islam Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam is in any way diminished by such blasphemous cartoons. The hurt felt and expressed by Muslims is linked to the love, respect and the reverence we have for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam in particular, and all the holy prophets, in general.

It is important to note that there is place for humour in Islam. The companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam would enjoy lighter moments with him. They did not make it a preoccupation but were still able to see the ‘funny side of life.’

Equally important is to note is that Muslims will always take exception to the ridicule and mockery of their beliefs and symbols they hold as sacred such as the Qur’an and its message, the personality of the prophets, their companions and manner of worship.

There is no parallel between contemporary personalities or other historical figures with the Messengers of the Almighty through whom we have acquired


Muslim-friendly food, such as Halaal foie gras is moving away from its immigrant roots and merging with mainstream French tradition.

While the fine wine and gourmet food exports that underpin the French food industry have been hit hard by the global crisis, the Halaal niche market has been growing fast.  

The growth of Halaal products is largely thanks to young descendants of Arab and African migrants, who want to enjoy the same culinary diversity as their non-Muslim French neighbours while remaining true to their religious roots.   

French sales of Halaal food are forecast to hit 5.5 billion Euros (ZAR 53.68 billion) in 2010 and move from the ethnic market to the mass market.   

Supermarket chain Casino has created a Halaal brand, Wassila, and fast food chain Quick is trying out a Halaal menu in 8 of its 350 burger joints.

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