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Jan 24, 2018

The well of Zam-Zam is 18 X 14 ft and 13M deep.

It started 4,000 years ago & has since NEVER dried up.

The taste of the water has never changed in these 4,000 years.

No algae or plant life exists in the well thus no diseases are present in the water.

This small pond provides water to MILLIONS of people (at any given time) through heavy motors pulling 8000 ltrs/second - think of the billions who have quenched their thirst from this tiny well over the years.

After every 24hrs it reaches its level again after just 11 minutes - thus the water level never really decreases.


Recently, one of the senior scholars of Egypt was invited to address a group of young female high-school students. His gaze fell on a girl who was wearing a face-veil (niqab). This annoyed the Shaykh and he proceeded to ask the supercilious girl to remove her veil. The girl refused to comply, claiming that it was her habit to cover her face in front of strangers. The Shaykh immediately retorted “The niqab is nothing but culture – it has absolutely no place whatsoever with the religion of Islam.”

The Shaykh repeated his command and added, in a crude Egyptian dialect, “…and I know the religion better than you your parents.” A teacher also tried to intervene and said to the Shaykh that it was only because of his presence that the young lady was veiling her face. But the Shaykh insisted that the veil be removed. Finally, the young girl had to give in the senior most authority and helplessly unveiled herself.

The Shaykh was still not satisfied and humiliated the innocent girl further buy saying in a crude expression Egyptian vernacular “Ama law kunti hilwa shuwaya la-amilti eh?” (If you had even a little beauty I wonder what you would have done?)

He then went on and threatened to banish the niqaab in all public schools affiliated with Al-Azhar. We were also horrified to hear that a month prior to this incident, girls who had their faces covered were not allowed to enter Al-Azhar.

We, the Ulama of South Africa, take exception to all that has transpired. Not only is there mention of the covering of the face in the Quran, Hadith and works of scholars from all four Madhabs, this has also been the continued practise of Muslims for the past fourteen centuries. We implore the scholars and government of Egypt to ponder over these evidences and reconsider whether they really want to ban the Niqab.

We pray that Allah the Almighty guide’s one and all and show us the truth as truth. Ameen.


ALMONDS: To remove the skin of almonds easily soak them in hot water for 15-20 minutes.

ANTS: Putting 3-4 cloves in the sugar container will keep the ants at bay.

BISCUITS: If you keep a piece of blotting paper at the bottom of the container, it will keep biscuits fresh for longer.

APPLES: Apply some lemon juice on the cut surface of the apple to avoid browning.They will look fresh for longer.

BANANA: Apply mashed banana over a burn on your body to have a cooling effect.

CELERY: To keep celery fresh for a long time,wrap it in aluminium foil and refrigerate.

BURNT FOOD: Place some chopped onion in the vessel,pour boiling water in it, keep for 5 minutes and then clean.

CHOPPING: Use a wooden board to chop. It will not blunt the knife. Don't use a plastic board, small plastic pieces may go with the vegetables.

COCKROACHES: Put some boric powder in kitchen corners and other places. Cockroaches will leave your house.


The United Ulama Council of South Africa sent a delegation to Chinaon the invitation of the Chinese government. The Ameer of the Council of Ulama Eastern Cape, Moulana Junaid Adam was in the delegation.

Read the full report of the trip by clicking here.



There was once a person who use to sell perfumes. He owned a parrot which could talk. The parrot would greet and speak to  every customer who would enter the shop. The customers were very amazed and would come time and again to purchase perfume only to speak to the parrot. Children would drag their parents to this shop just to witness the parrot talking.

One night the owner forgot to lock the parrot in the cage. Sometime during the night the parrot the parrot heard a cat and panicked. It started flying around the shop knocking down all the perfume bottles and spilling all the perfume. The next morning when the owner entered the shop he became extremely angry and he hit the parrot on the head until its hair fell out and it became bald. From that day on the parrot did not speak a word.

Customers would enter the shop and hope to hear the parrot saying something but the parrot would not say anything. Slowly the customers started coming less until the business was close to collapse. One day a bald person came into the shop and the parrot noticing his bad head said “Did you also break your master's perfume bottles because of which he hit you on your head and you became bald?"


According to Islam
For ages gone by, the 5th of November was a night in which the sky becomes illuminated with an array of colours, ears are deafened by the great magnitude of sounds and the streets are blackened by the burning of tyres.
• Where do these practices originate from?
• Why the 5th of November?
• Why the burning of fireworks, crackers and tyres?

Guy Fawkes was an English conspirator of Roman Catholic ideologies. He was implicated in the GunpowderPlot to blow up the British Parliament as a protest against anti-Roman Catholic laws. On the night of November 4-5, 1605, he was caught in a cellar underneath the House of Lords and arrested. He together with his accomplices were hanged.

Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated on November 5 in the United Kingdom and some other parts of the British Commonwealth with bonfires and fireworks. (Adapted from Encarta Encyclopaedia)

Allah Ta’aala has mentioned: “Whoever seeks a religion (way of life) other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him and he will be from the loses in the Hereafter.” (Surah Al-e-Imraan V.85)

Read more...


What is an emulsion?
We know that oil and water do not mix. When we vigorously mix the two liquids it results in fine droplets of oil suspended in the water. This cloudy or white product is called an emulsion. The finer the droplets of oil that are suspended in the water, the better or smoother the emulsion. Examples of emulsions are milk, butter, margarine, mayonnaise and ice cream.

What are emulsifiers?
In order to form an emulsion a large amount of energy and work is required to vigorously mix and often to heat the two unmixable liquids. Emulsifiers are products that are added to the oil and water mix in order that the emulsion may form easily and with less work and energy.

Give some common examples of emulsifiers
The most common food emulsifier is lecithin (E322). Lecithin may be obtained from egg yolk or Soya beans. Egg yolk has been used in food preparation as a natural emulsifier, for example in making mayonnaise. Other emulsifiers are vegetable gums, some fatty acids like magnesium stearate, and glycerides. Pectin, which is found in some fruits, is also commonly used as an emulsifier.

Which emulsifiers are not suitable for Muslim consumption?
Emulsifiers may be derived from animal oils and fats, like lard and tallow, or from vegetable oils such as palm oil. Those from animal sources must be scrutinised for suitability. Any stearates, glycerides, palmitates, oleates etc may be from animal or vegetable sources.

What are Stabilisers?
When an emulsion is left to stand, the oil droplets may start separating from the water. In order to stop this process, a stabiliser may be added to the emulsion. Examples of stabilisers are gelatine and carrageenan. Stabilisers may also be found in other systems such as suspensions.

Can an emulsifier be a stabiliser?
Yes. Some emulsifiers work so well to produce the emulsion system that the emulsion does not break. These emulsifiers act as stabilisers as well.

Are emulsifiers and stabilisers only found in foods?
No. Emulsion systems are found in other types of products as well. Cosmetic emulsions are known as lotions or creams or milks. Metal working fluids are other examples of emulsions.

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3: Madressa Mansoor Jalsa.
10 am. Guest speaker: Moulana Ismail Mia. Men at Masjid, ladies at Madressa. Snacks, prize giving, kids' items

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