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There was once a person who use to sell perfumes. He owned a parrot which could talk. The parrot would greet and speak to  every customer who would enter the shop. The customers were very amazed and would come time and again to purchase perfume only to speak to the parrot. Children would drag their parents to this shop just to witness the parrot talking.

One night the owner forgot to lock the parrot in the cage. Sometime during the night the parrot the parrot heard a cat and panicked. It started flying around the shop knocking down all the perfume bottles and spilling all the perfume. The next morning when the owner entered the shop he became extremely angry and he hit the parrot on the head until its hair fell out and it became bald. From that day on the parrot did not speak a word.

Customers would enter the shop and hope to hear the parrot saying something but the parrot would not say anything. Slowly the customers started coming less until the business was close to collapse. One day a bald person came into the shop and the parrot noticing his bad head said “Did you also break your master's perfume bottles because of which he hit you on your head and you became bald?"