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Q: A Muslim brother has built a hotel next to a mosque. When his hotel was small he did not experience parking shortage, recently he expanded his hotel and he is experiencing parking shortage. He has requested the Jamaat if he could use the Mosque parking area as and when he has a function. The m conosquegregation also sometimes use the hotel parking when the Mosque parking area is full. What is the ruling on this? Do we charge him a fee?

A: We suggest that the Masjid (mosque) may consider allowing the use of its parking space on the basis of being compensated or in lieu of being able to use the hotel parking when needed, on condition that:

a) This does not inconvenience Musallis, in that such parking should not be allowed at Salaah times or when the Masjid requires the parking space,
b) This does not result in inappropriate behaviour (e.g. music, alcohol, dancing etc.) taking place on the Masjid property or inappropriately dressed people coming onto the Masjid property which compromises the sanctity of the Masjid.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

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