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Q: What should the posture of lady be in Sajdah?

A: A lady will place her head between her hands with her forehead and nose on the ground;  and fingers (including the thumb) kept close together, facing the Qibla.

Her elbows should be placed on the ground and she should keep her thighs close to her stomach.

Both feet will be placed on the ground facing the right with the toes facing Qibla. (The feet should not be kept upright.)

Imam Al-Bayhaqi -458 AH- has mentioned a principle which is the basis of the difference found in the Salaah of males and females:

“The separating factor between the laws of Salaah of males and females is that of - concealment. A lady is commanded to do all those actions which are more concealing for her.” [Sunnan Kubra Vol 2 Page 222]


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