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Q: My husband sent me a divorce deed from Pakistan in which it said he is promouncung triple divorce and then in three separate lines it was written that he divorces me. We had never been able to consummate the marriage as he has erectile dysfunction. If we want to reconcile can we do it with a new nikkah? In Pakistani constitution triple talaq has been abolished and we can live again together if he revokes the divorce within Iddah, is that allowed? Should I be following the law in Pakistan as it has been approved by the Islamic council and shariah court in Pakistan and is a part of constitution?

When the husband has issued three Talaqs even though these are issued at once then all three Talaqs has taken place and are effective. There is no way the two of you can reconcile. Neither can he revoke the Talaq nor can both of make a new Nikaah to each other now prior to Shar'i Halaalah taking place.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


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