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Q: 1. After Mahr (dowry) has been agreed upon, is it permissble/possible for the wife re-negotiate it? If possible/permissible:
2. Can it be adjusted even though it has been paid in full already.
3. If it has not yet been fully paid, can it be adjusted.
4. Is it permissible for the Husband to state he wishes to increase the Mahr amount even though he has already paid the initially agreed amount in full?
5. Can he adjust it to a higher figure in the case where he has still not completed paying the agreed amount.
6. Is it permissible to stipulate a 'new Mahr' figure when negotiating a reconciliation between a separated couple?

1. The Mahr may not be re-negotiated. However, the wife may waive her right or part of it if she wishes. Similarly, a husband may unilaterally agree to increase the Mahr of his wife. Care should be taken to ensure that in doing so one does not increase the period of when the initial Mahr was payable (if it was not payable on a spot/cash basis) as this may be akin to increasing the amount payable by increasing the period which is akin to interest/

2. If the husband wishes to give any more purely with his discretion without any coercion then it is also permissible.

3. If you are asking about the Mahr that is outstanding then this outstanding Mahr cannot be renegotiated. As explained earlier, if the wife wants she may waive her right entirely or partly.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


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