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Aug 17, 2017
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Q: What is the ruling in regards to a defaulting tenant. Can the Muslim landlord hold back the tenant's valuables and sell them to offset monies outstanding?

The Shariah has advised us to be lenient with our debtors as far as is possible. This will bring the mercy of Allah SWT. However, if a debtor is not financially constrained but is deliberately delaying payment despite having the means or one is not in a position to give respite in that one's own financial condition is extremely tight then it is permissible to resort to permissible means within the law to recover one's money. However, one should be careful in not transgressing and claiming more than what is due. 

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: Is there a thing like 40 days after a person passes away? Or who are these people that practice it and what's their reason?

We do not know of any basis for this.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: If and infant/toddler comes infront of you during salaah, can you move them?

Yes, one may move them gently with minimal movement without turning the chest away from the Qiblah and without talking.


Q: Got my haidh (periods) 4 January after 2 years and made ghusul on the 9 January and started bleeding again 24 January.

According to the easiest of the 4 views regarding Tuhr-e-Mutakhallil, the bleeding that reappears before 15 days of purity will be joined to the first bleeding and the woman will consider herself continiously bleeding from the first bleeding. This being the case she will revert to her previous habit of purity and Haidh. Hence if her last Haidh was e.g. 7 days then 7 days from the 4th will be her Haidh and the remainder Istihaazah i.e. after the 11th. Pending on her previous habit of purity and her still bleeding still continuing, her next will Haidh will be calculated accordingly.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Q: I had a question regarding permissibility in medicine under Hanafi Fiqh.

I am currently speaking to a sister about marriage and we have entered a point in our conversation where we are discussing our medical histories. I told her that I was born with cryptorchidism and had it treated when I was 6.5 years old. However, I am subject to a higher risk of infertility.

While the sister does not see it as an issue, I went to a urologist who said that the only way to check fertility is through a semen analysis.

Would it be permissible to conduct a semen analysis for the purposes of checking fertility in a risky case, such as in my situation? Would this subject me to any 'curse', similar to the one who touches himself for pleasure? Would this take away from the baraka in the marriage process? Would ihsan be to leave it unchecked & trust in Allah or would ihsan be to conduct the semen analysis to protect a sister from the risk of marrying a potentially infertile man?

In plain terms, I will be required to masturbate into a cup so that the urologist can check my semen for fertility.

If this is the only method to determine treatment and there is no alternative then it will be permissible to do this. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah, Vol 27, page 333/334)

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

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Moulana Fazlur Rahmaan Azimi of Azaadville:
11: Juma at Darul Uloom Abu Bakr
11: Shabguzari Main Talk and Hayatus Sahaba radhiallahu anhum
12: Ulama Jor Masjid Mansoor Asr-Esha

14: Syria Refugee Feedback. Moulana Moosa Leher. Masjid Mansoor after Esha (7.45 Jamat)

19: Moulana Junaid Kharsany. Masjid Mansoor after Maghrib

1: Eidul Adha. Subject to sighting of moon

16: Psychology of Happiness in the Quran and Sunnah. Seminar by Sheikh Ishaaq Lekganya. Madressa Mansoor 1.30 - 4.30 pm. Course notes, refreshments, ladies seating. R150. Tickets: 078 672 7797 or 072 751 6194

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