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Allah Ta aala has given us the beautiful formula compatible with the differing natures of the genders. It is reported in a hadith that Rasulullah(sallalahu allaihi wasallam)had apportioned the work that pertains to matters outside the home to Sayyidina Ali (Radhiyallahu Anhu)while the work pertaining to aspects inside the home were allotted to the queen of Jannah (Paradise), Fatima (radhiyallahu anha).

Hence, it is the man’s duty to go out and earn a halaal living. Indeed we are living in difficult times. While numerous women venture out into the world merely to maintain a high standard of living, some venture out only to earn their daily bread. Hence, if it is necessary, Islam has not forbidden a woman from earning. However it is incumbent that all the laws of the shariah be upheld. Among other aspects, of utmost importance is that she may not expose herself to non-mahram males (men to whom marriage is permissible). She should also have sufficient time for her domestic activities and for the caring of her children.

May Allah Ta aala make our daily bread easy for us Aameen.


Rasulullah (sallalahu alayhi wasallam) is reported to have said: Moderation in expenditure is half of livelihood. (Mishkaat) In stringent financial conditions it is extremely foolish to continue adopting a high-flying lifestyle, especially when it is evident that the adverse economic situation is biting hard and businesses are collapsing all around-May Allah Ta’ala protect everyone!

Moderation and simplicity must be the rule. One should also not be concerned with keeping up appearances. It is more respectable and honourable, in this world and the hereafter, to sell the mansion and live in a rented flat, or sell the luxury car and drive something smaller, rather than try to pull along just to keep appearances, and finally go insolvent to the detriment of ones creditors. It is also the height of foolishness to try to live up to the standards of others. One should rather look at those who are less fortunate than oneself and be content with ones lot.

Many people with financial difficulties attempt to solve their problem by resorting to borrowing on interest or running overdrafts. This merely compounds the problem. Many people have seen their huge empires collapsing simply because of the interest.

In times of recession many people cannot fulfil their commitments and cannot pay their creditors on time. Some businesses even become bankrupt. In this regard the following aspects must be taken into consideration: If one has a definite problem with paying back ones debts, do not play hide and seek with ones creditors. Also do not make false promises. This will lead one onto a trail of endless lies to cover up more lies. One should meet with ones creditors and put forward ones difficulties. Come to an agreement with regard to the payment. If the matter has reached the stage of insolvency the same approach has to be adopted. Being declared insolvent does not absolve one of ones debts. May Allah Ta’ala protect every persons honour and may he grant one and all abundant halaal sustenance. Aameen


He stood up to the Khalifah Abu Ja`far al-Mansur regarding the hadith “The divorce of the coerced does not take effect”. Imam Malik was told not to narrate this hadith but he did anyway and was flogged for it. Even after being flogged and while being paraded he still defied the Khalifah by narrating the hadith.

Said ibn Jubair fought along side Abdullah ibn az-Zubair and was part of a group called the “Battalion of Quran reciters”. He was eventually captured and brought to Al Hajjaj.

He is renowned for his conversation with Al Hajjaj and consequent death.All throughout the conversation he remained steadfast to the truth even though this infuriated al Hajjaj even more.What makes him even more special is that you can lie when your life is at risk.When he was finally killed his blood gushed out in a way that al Hajjaj had never seen before, the explanation for this was that Said ibn Jubair was so relaxed at the time of his murder that his blood was kept in its original form, but usually if one is scared or afraid their blood curdles and does not flow profusely.

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Given that the world has shrunk into a global village and Muslims live amongst and mingle with non-Muslims, and almost 1 out of every four persons in the world is a Muslim, begs the question: What type of people are these?. They pray five times a day, don't drink, don't gamble, do not swear, they do not exploit others, they don't oppress and neither allow themselves to be oppressed? Besides, they refrain from eating food and drinking water, during daylight hours for 29/30 days.

The answer is:

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