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Safar 1439 commenced in South Africa after Maghrib on 21 Oct 2017: Click here for calendar

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Sun, 19 November 2017. Malabar Eidgah. Viewing time: 19:03 to 19:53

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Dec 18, 2017

Q: What is the ruling about cutting the hair and trimming the nails in the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah?

If a person is performing Udhiya (sacrificing an animal) then it is Mustahab (recommended) for him or her to refrain from cutting the hair and clipping the nails from the 1st of Dhul-Hijjah until when the person's animal is sacrificed.


Q: Do children have to make Qurbani?

Qurbani is not wajib (obligatory) on a child who has not yet reached the age of puberty, even if he/she is in possession of wealth. If a parent/guardian wish to make Nafl Qurbani for a minor, they should do so on their own expense. It will be sinful to use the money of a minor child for Qurbani.

And Allah Knows Best


Q: On whom is Qurbani obligatory?

A: There are 3 conditions for Qurbaani to be Wajib:

1. Iqamat: This means being a Muqeem(non-traveller). Qurbani is therefore not wajib upon a Musaafir (traveller) - one who has undertaken a journey of 78 kilometres or more, and intends staying in one place for less than 15 days.
2. Buloog: This means puberty. Hence qurbani is not wajib on a minor, even if he/she is in possession of wealth.
3.Financial Means: Possessing Nisaab or wealth equivalent to the value of Nisaab in excess of one’s basic needs and debts on any of the three days of Qurbani. [The Nisaab amount at the beginning of September 2016 is R5774.55 (612.36 grams of Silver)]

N.B. It is not necessary that this amount be in one’s possession for a complete lunar year.

And Allah Knows Best


Q: How old should the qurbani animal be?


goat/sheep/ram - 1 year or older
bull/buffalo/cow/ox - 2 years or older
camel - 5 years or older
Animals younger than the prescribed age are not suitable for Qurbani.

A sheep that is more than six months old but less than a year, and physically appears to be a year old will suffice for Qurbani.

A cow, bull, buffalo or camel will suffice for seven persons provided no single share is less than one seventh and the intention of all partners is to attain reward and not merely to benefit from the meat.

Animals chosen for Qurbani should be healthy and free from defects.


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Port Elizabeth


Port Elizabeth:

View Port Elizabeth Eidgaah in a larger map

View Port Elizabeth Eidgaah in a larger map

Click on star to get directions.

1. Eidgaah: Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

2. Korsten Eidgah: Talk: 8:30 am. Salaah: 9:00 am

Grounds opposite BP on Durban Road. At Musjid Huda in event of rain.

3. Musjid Taqwa: Salaah: 8:00 am. Talk follows

4. Rudolph Street: Talk: 7:00 am. Salaah: 7:30 am

5. Booysens Park: Talk: 7:00 am. Salaah: 7:30 am

6. Overbaakens: Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

7. Bloemendaal: Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

8. Saabireen: Salaah: 8:00 am. Talk follows

9. Pier Street: Salaah: 8:00 am. Talk follows

10. Salt Lake: Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

11. Awatif: Talk: 7:00 am. Salaah: 7:30 am

12. Grace Street: Salaah: 7:30 am. Talk follows

13. Central Jamaat Khana: Talk: 0:00 am. Salaah: 0:00 am


In the event of adverse weather conditions:

a. Darul Uloom Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

b. Mansoor Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

c. Fuqara Talk: 7:30 am. Salaah: 8:00 am

d. West End Talk: 7:30 am. Salaah: 8:00 am


View Uitenhage Eidgaah in a larger map

View Uitenhage Eidgaah in a larger map

Click on the star on Jubilee Park Sports Ground to get directions.

1. Uitenhage Eidgaah: Due to the winter cold, there will be no Eidgah. Eid Salaah will be at the various Masjids

a. Musjid Mumineen: Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

b. Musjid Ibadur Rahman: Talk: 8:00 am. Salaah: 8:30 am

c. Qudama: Talk: 7:00 am. Salaah: 7:30 am



Q: I have read on the following link that a menstruating woman should enter into Iḥrām at Mīqāt and proceed to Makkah and perform her ‘Umrah after her menstruation finishes. However, I have a specific scenario which is quite common. If a woman plans to stay in Makkah for five days but her period will start two days before she arrives and her normal cycle is 10 days, what should she do? Should she take the pill bearing in mind that the bleeding may not stop fully? What if she has no choice but to return from Makkah before her menstruation finishes?

Read the answer below:

A: (1) The woman should try to extend her stay in Makkah or change her visit dates or visit Madīnah first if that resolves the issue. ‘Umrah visits should be planned to avoid such difficulties. Taking the pill is permissible but not recommended not least because the outcome is not guaranteed. A doctor should be consulted before the pill is taken.

Passing Mīqāt Without Iḥrām

(2) If changing the visit dates is not possible and there is no other option, the woman should cross Mīqāt without entering into Iḥrām. Instead, she should make her primary intention to visit Jeddah or another location within Ḥill (the area between Mīqāt and Ḥaram) and not make intention for ‘Umrah or to visit Makkah. She should remain in this location and return home when she needs to do so without entering Ḥaram. Whilst staying in Ḥill, if she needs to travel to Ḥaram, she can do so without making an intention for ‘Umrah. In this scenario, there will be no penalty. If her menstruation finishes before her departure date, it is preferable to proceed to the closest Mīqāt with her guardian and enter into Iḥrām and perform her ‘Umrah. It is also permissible to enter into Iḥrām from anywhere in Ḥill such as Tan’īm.

Passing Mīqāt With Iḥrām

(3) If the woman enters into Iḥrām at Mīqāt, whilst she is in the state of menstruation or her menstruation begins before she is able to perform ‘Umrah, it is necessary for her to wait for her menstruation to finish and perform ‘Umrah thereafter. She may take the pill as mentioned above. It is not permissible to perform ‘Umrah in the state of menstruation. It is also not possible for her to exit the state of Iḥrām and compensate via a penalty and Qaḍā in the future. She will have no choice but to wait and perform her ‘Umrah after her menstruation finishes. If she decides to return home, she will remain in the state of Iḥrām until she performs ‘Umrah. Thus, she will continue to be liable for any actions that are contrary to the state of Iḥrām.

The prohibition of performing ‘Umrah in the state of menstruation is based on the principle that it is not permissible to perform Ṭawāf in the state of menstruation according to all four schools of thought. The Prophet ﷺ said, “The women in post-natal bleeding and menses should perform a bath, enter Iḥrām and perform all the rituals except for Ṭawāf around the House, until they become clean” (Sunan al-Tirmidhī, 945). If, however, a woman performs the Ṭawāf of ‘Umrah in the state of menstruation and exits her Iḥrām thereafter, she will be sinful. According to the Ḥanafī school of thought, her obligation will be fulfilled and she will be liable to compensate via a Dam (sacrifice of a goat or equivalent animal). It is important to emphasise that the action is prohibited and it is therefore necessary to wait for the menstruation to finish.

Allah knows best

Yusuf Shabbir, Blackburn, UK
27 Rajab 1437 H. – 4 May 2016
Approved by: Mufti Shabbir Ahmad Sahib and Mufti Tahir Wadi Sahib.

Upcoming Events
Port Elizabeth


23: Religious OCD. Sheikh Is-haaq Lekganya. Masjid Mansoor after Maghrib. Q&A, notes

3: Madressa Mansoor Jalsa.
10 am. Guest speaker: Moulana Ismail Mia. Men at Masjid, ladies at Madressa. Snacks, prize giving, kids' items

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