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Jan 24, 2018

All praise is due to Allah and may His choicest salutations descend upon our Master and Leader Muhammad Sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam

"We sent aforetime our messengers with clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance so that men may stand forth in Justice." (57:25).

The concept of Justice serves as the edifice of Islam. Justice is the underlying rationale of every law of the Quran, and permeates all Islamic values, since there can be no sense of peace in the absence of justice. In the verse mentioned above the phrase 'Our Messengers' shows that justice has been the goal of all revelation and scriptures sent to humanity. The verse also shows that justice must be measured and implemented by the standards and guidelines set by revelation.

Timeless commitment to Justice:
The timeless commitment of the Quran to the basic standards of justice is found in its declaration:
“And the Word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can change His Words.” (6:115)

The Quranic concept of justice also extends justice to being a personal virtue, and one of the standards of moral excellence that a believer is encouraged to attain as part of his proximity to the Creator.

“…Be just, for it is closest to Allah consciousness…” (5:8)

To render justice is a trust that Allah has conferred on the human being and, like all other trusts, its fulfilment must be guided by a sense of responsibility Thus, the Quran states: “Allah commands you to render trusts to whom they are due, and when you judge between people, judge with justice…” (4:58)

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Media Release: Muslim delegation meets leadership of State Security Agency

4 February 2010 

A group comprising of 12 members of the Muslim community today met with three leadership figures within South Africa’s intelligence community, representing both the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the South African Secret Service (SASS). 

The 12 were drawn from a number of organisations within the Muslim community, including the ‘ulama, legal, academic and media fraternities. Organisations represented at the meeting included the United Ulama Council of South Africa, Muslim Judicial Council, Jamiatul Ulama, Sunni Jamiyat-e-Ulama, the Muslim Lawyers’ Association and the Somali Association of South Africa. The meeting was initiated by Ebrahim Patel, who requested the State Security Agency (SSA) – which encompasses NIA and SASS – to meet with a delegation from the South African Muslim community to discuss what he called a “campaign to spread fear in South Africa through rumours of a terror threat to the Soccer World Cup”. 

The two-hour-long meeting discussed security matters in general and, especially, recent media reports about a “Muslim terror threat” to the Soccer World Cup.

The meeting focussed on where these allegations were emanating from and the sources informing this narrative which aims to alienate and demonise Muslims. Of particular concern was the work of agent provacateurs who are involved in an apartheid style campaign of disinformation. 

 The difficulties experienced by members of the Somali community were also discussed in the wake of rumours and news reports about such alleged threats and allegations of ‘Al-Qaeda’ cells in South Africa. 

The discussions were amicable and both parties agreed that it was essential that the holding of the World Cup not be marred by any terrorist activity. The Muslim delegation made it clear that, as far as it was concerned, there was no terror threat to the World Cup
and that both the rugby and cricket world cup events went off peacefully in South Africa. They emphasised the need to be alert to the agenda of the US led “war on terror” and how certain allies in this coalition would like to see destabilisation in Southern Africa.

Both parties agreed on the importance of channels of communication to be kept open between SSA and the Muslim community, and the Muslim delegation said it could serve as a liaison between the intelligence services and the community. Muslim delegates also expressed the concern that the spurious “terror threat” campaign was itself spreading fear within South Africa and that it was promoting the objectives of another agenda.

Ebrahim Patel said that he hoped this initiative would become inclusive of the spectrum of role players within the Muslim community and would be able to proactively engage with the state on matters of security for 2010 and beyond.


The rhetoric of ‘change’ is as hollow as never before. The anti-war movement that drove President Barack Obama to power is dumfounded. The presidency that was touted to be not just change in Washington but change to Washington is alienated to its supporters as it grows as hawkish as the Bush Administration.

Ryan Jaroncyk of California Independent Voter Network opens our eyes with the following sobering facts about Barack Obama:

• He just signed a record $708 billion military budget, bigger than President Bush's largest defense budget.

• He allocated over $100 billion in supplemental funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

• The CIA has carried out a record number of Predator Drone attacks on targets in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other nations, attacks which led to the deaths of over 700 Pakistani civilians last year.

• He instituted two new troop surges in Afghanistan, which added an additional 50,000 troops.

• His two troop surges led to 2009 being the bloodiest year for American & NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

• A record number of private war contractors, approximately over 200,000, now operate in Afghanistan and Iraq under Obama's command.

• U.S. soldiers, mainly special forces, are now operating in Pakistan and Yemen.

• Over 100,000 soldiers are still on the ground in Iraq, despite campaign pledges to commence a fairly rapid drawdown. In addition, a significant spike in sectarian violence has occured in Iraq over the last six months, arousing new worries of yet another delay.

• Guantanamo Bay is still open, despite Obama's pledge to close it in a year's time.

How amazing that one year can bring about so much change in a man!

With the left wing so right, who needs the left?


Isn’t it amazing that ‘superpowers’ go on long and expensive misadventures only to end up doing what was straight and obvious to many in the first place?

For a long time many had hinted at the unwinnable war in Afghanistan. Russia, the remnant of the once mighty Soviet Union, has even been surprised a how the US is replicatigg their failed military strategy.

For Russia, it was a strategy which saw the Soviet Union withdrawal from Afghanistan without much to show for her invasion save for the thousands of casualties and a badly bruised ego. In fact, it was not just an ego. The withdrawal itself marked what turned out to be the beginning of the end of the USSR.

It was not surprising that the ‘international community’ (read USA and NATO) met in London on January 29, with the Afghan leaders to work out an ‘Afghan-led political strategy’ that would end the conflict in that war-ravaged central Asian country. The invaders have been searching for an 'honourable' way out.

An Afghan-led political strategy, however, should not be one that is simply a masqueraded US-policy dictated to the Afghan people.

Rather, it should be homegrown and inclusive, giving careful consideration to the demographic and cultural make up of the Afghan people united towards national reconciliation.

Hamid Karzai might have taken a lead in that direction on December 3 when he said: "Personally, I would definitely talk to Mullah Omar. Whatever it takes to bring peace to Afghanistan I, as Afghan president, will do it."

The US knows that this is the only way out of the quagmire of an unwinnable war. Yet, such a bold policy turn-around will hardly be taken by the Barack Obama.

A president who won his the ticket on the back of a peace oratory that won him a Nobel Prize pledges to expand the war by committing more troops to Afghanistan while continuing to decimate Pakistanis using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The US claims to know how to separate the “good” Talibans from the “bad” ones. How that will be done remains to be seen. Such an attitude however seems to add veracity to the view that Barack Obama is a
certain one-term president.

By denying a general amnesty, Obama is missing an opportunity for turning his fortunes around without losing much face in Afghanistan.


"Nadia...the Martyr...the Mujahida..."


You may have forgotten Nadia, the girl who was raped by the dogs of the occupation in the notorious prison Abu Ghraib, and to revive your memory, this is her story which she revealed; she did not throw herself in the arms of her family, like any aggrieved, oppressed prisoner would do, a prisoner with a fire inside longing for his family.

Nadia ran away the moment she was released from prison, not because of the shame that will follow her, but because of what has happened to Iraqi female prisoners that were abused, raped and tortured at the hands of American mercenaries in Abu Ghraib prison, where the walls of the prison speak the sad and horrifying stories of the prisoners, but what Nadia tells us is not a “Story”…it is the “Truth".

Nadia began her story according to Al-Wassat new paper “as I was visiting a relative of mine we were surprised that the American Occupying forces raided the house searching it to find a quantity of light weapons and because of that they arrested everyone in the house including me.

And vainly I tried to persuade the translator who was accompanying the American patrol that I am just a guest, but my attempts failed. I cried and begged and I fainted from the intensity of fear during the road to Abu Ghraib prison.

Nadia says "They put me in a dirty cell, dark and lonely and I expected them to set me free after the investigation proved that I had not committed a crime.

She adds, tears spilling down her cheeks a sign of her sincerity and an expression of the horror she have suffered: "The first day was heavy and I was not used to smell the unpleasant odor as the cell was damp and dark and more from the fear that has been growing on me quickly. The laughter of the soldiers outside the cell made me feel more afraid, and I was terrified of what awaited me, for the first time I felt I was in a very difficult trouble entering a world of unknown parameters I will not get out of it as it entered.

in the midst of this dilemma of different feelings I heard a female voice with an Arabic accent, a soldier in the American occupation army Immediately she said: "I did not think that arms dealers in Iraq are from women."

Once I spoke to explain to her the circumstances of the incident she started beating me so harshly, I cried and screamed "God...I am Innocent...Innocent" Then the soldier began cursing and swearing at me, words I never expected to be heard under any circumstances, and then she started mocking me, telling me she watching me by satellite all throughout the day, and American technology that can track their enemies even inside their bedrooms.

And then she laughed saying "I was watching you even when you were having sex with your husband."

I said to her with a confused voice: I'm not married. she beat me for over an hour and forced me to drink a glass of water I learned later that it was mixed with a heavily sedated substance and I had not woken up only after two days to find myself naked, I knew immediately that I have lost something that nothing on earth would with all the laws of the land return to me, I've been raped.

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Sayyidina Abbaas ibni Abdul Muttalib radhiallahu anhu reports that Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam  said:




Sayyidina Anas radhiallahu anhu says that Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said:


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