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Q: Is it permissible for a person to make Masah on cotton socks?

A: Masah is permissible on Khuffain ( leather socks) or socks that are Thakheen (thick/durable). Thakheen are such thick socks which have all the attributes of leather.

The validity of Masah on Thakheen socks is dependent on the following conditions:
1. It is possible to walk with such socks for three Shar’ee miles or more without the socks tearing. (N.B. The walking is without shoes.)
2. The socks must be of a non-porous nature.
3. The socks must remain firm on the foreleg without being tired with laces, elastic etc.

Only, if all the above conditions are met, will it be permissible to make Masah on socks (Badaa’i V1/P82:Hidiyyah V1/P31)

It will NOT be permissible to make Masah on cotton and nylon socks - that are worn daily by people - as they do not fulfil the above criteria.

P.S. Senior Ulama in South Africa have granted permission to make Masah on the original SealSkinz socks, as the SealSkinz socks meet the above stated conditions.


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