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Q: With the current water crisis, some areas do not have water for prolonged periods of time - are we allowed to make Tayammum?

A: If water is NOT available within a radius of 1, 6 kilometres – then it will be permissible to make Tayammum.

The method of Tayammum is follows:

1)      Make the intention of Tayammum:"O Allah, 1 am making Tayammum in order to purify myself."

2)      Strike both hands on clean earth or dust. Then dust the hands and blow off the excess dust, thereafter rub both the hands over the entire face (as done in Wudhu).

3)      Strike both hands on the ground, blow off the excess dust and rub the left hand over the complete right hand, including the elbow. Do the same for the other hand.

(The areas under rings, bangles, bracelets, etc. should be thoroughly rubbed.)

The Tayammum will expire once one finds water. [Bahisti Zewar Page 88 to 90]


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