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I can take no more. I am totally frustrated. I have lost hope. Would there ever be an end to my problems?

Such statements and cries of despair are heard almost daily. Due to many difficulties such as illness, financial problems, domestic disputes, family conflict, crime, disasters etc, people sometimes slip into misery, hopelessness and depression. It is in such circumstances that a person often asks in utter desperation: WHAT MUST I DO?

Before dealing with one can do, it is important to bear in mind a fundamental reality of life .Life in this world is never a place of absolute bliss, nor a place of only difficulty. Absolute bliss is only in jannah.Likewise no matter how sever one’s condition may be, it cannot be compared to a fraction of the torments of jahannum. In this world there is a combination of pleasure and pain. After all, it is a place of test. Hence, every person will experience some difficulties and hardships in some form or another. In fact this is a promise of Allah in the noble Quran “We will certainly test you with some fear, hunger and loss in wealth, lives and crops”. And give glad tidings to those who are patient.’ [Quraan, S;2;  V;155]. Thus, difficulties will come. Nevertheless one can adopt any permissible means to remove one’s problems.

While hardship and difficulties do come as a test, they also come as a punishment for sins. In our sinful state, we should unhesitatingly acknowledge our transgression and regard what befalls  us as a very small crack of the whip from Allah as a reminder for us to return to his total obedience. In making amends the first step is taubah. Sincere taubah and istighfaar brings down the mercy of ALLAH.

The second aspect is adopting sabr (patience). Just as one would patiently undertake hard ship for the sake of worldly gain one should adopt sabr over any difficult conditions with the full hope of great reward in the hereafter. One should have the firm conviction that ALLAH TA'AALA is most aware of what is best for us. This conviction will make it easier to adopt sabr.

The third aspect is to engage in earnest dua. Rasulullah (sallalahu alayhe wasallam) is reported to have said “Nothing changes fate except dua.” However one should bear in mind that one should not create a barrier of sins which will prevent ones dua from being accepted.

The fourth aspect which one should firmly adhere to in any problematic situation is mashurah(consultation).  Rasulullah(sallalahu alayhe wasallam) is reported to have said “He who performs istikharrah will not fall and he who consults will not regret.”

May ALLAH TA'AALA remove everyone’s difficulty AAMEEN