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In Islam, for meat and poultry to be Halaal and allowed for eating, certain requirements need to be met. Here’s a brief discussion on some of these requirements:

The animal must be from the group that is Halaal for consumption. In principle, animals that hunt with their teeth and birds that hunt with their claws are not Halaal.
The pig is not Halaal.
The slaughterer must be a Muslim who takes the Name of Allah.
The slaughter of Jews and Christians is accepted if certain Islamic requirements are met, otherwise not.
The animal’s two external jugular veins as well as the throat and windpipe must be severed with an extremely sharp knife. At least 3 of these 4 must be cut.
Animals that die due to a fall, clubbing or slaughter by a non-Muslim are not Halaal.
Animals slaughtered in the name of any idol or being besides Allah will not be Halaal.
Fish do not need to be slaughtered but they must be caught alive and will not be Halaal if found floating dead on the water.
After the meat is Halaal-slaughtered, care should be taken there is no contamination with Haraam meat/food as this will render it Haraam. This is especially true in the case of restaurants/takeaways: If wine is used in cooking Halaal meat, the meat becomes Haraam. If spices containing Haraam ingredients are used, or if the same oil is used to fry Halaal and Haraam meat, the meat will become Haraam.
There are also rules regarding the hunting of animals to ensure they are Halaal.

These are abbreviated rules. Contact Ulama for detailed rules.